Day 3: 30 Day Challenge

6 Aug

Day 3: Your first love


Surprise, surprise! My first love and current love are one and the same, my husband, Andrew.  I had other, short-lived boyfriends before Andrew, but was never in love before him. The way we met is pretty silly. Myspace was huge in 2004, and I just so happened to add him while adding other locals. I was 19, he was 20. We talked once in awhile on AIM, but he wasn’t very talkative at all. A few months later, I was given a cat, who ended up being pregnant, and needed to find homes for some of the kittens. His cousin and I went to the same college, so I told him to come to school with him to meet me one day. I had to make sure he wasn’t a creeper before giving him one of my precious, baby kittens! Right? Long story short, this guy I hadn’t taken seriously at all before, was suddenly in front of me, and I was instantly into him. We talked for a little while, made plans to meet up the next day so that he could meet the kittens in person. Once he left, I turned to my friend and said, “I’m going to marry him, and have 10,000 of his babies!” Obviously a joke at the time, but who could have imagined the marriage part would actually come true? We’ve been inseparable since then, and I can’t imagine my life without him in it.


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