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Baby Makeover Daydreams?

11 Jun

2013-06-10 13.28.04

This is going to be weird, just a warning. Since it’s makeup related, I figured it would be appropriate to say it here. Sometimes when I look at my daughter, I can’t help but imagine putting makeup on her. Her eyes/brows are just like mine, so right now I imagine putting makeup on her tiny me-face. Not imagining her as a teenager, or anything appropriate like that. It would be hard not to come up with these silly thoughts, when you spend so much time staring at that little face. 478841 feedings a day opens up a lot of time for gazing at each other, and we do.

Normal talk now, I am SO excited to have a daughter to do makeup on someday! She’s going to always have the best homecoming/prom/school pictures/etc. makeup, that’s for sure. :)


Well, Hello There.

10 Jun


It’s been a long time, and A LOT has changed! For one, I almost never wear makeup. More importantly though, I am a mommy now! My baby girl, Blair Valentina, was born February 15, 2013 at 2:52PM, measuring in at 20 inches and 7lbs 11oz. She is the best thing to ever happen to me, and is the center of my world now. I know this was a makeup blog, but obviously I haven’t been interested in blogging about makeup, so this has sat dormant. I’d like to change that, and would like an outlet for some of my mommy thoughts. and learned wisdom. Just like with makeup and beauty products, I love testing out products for my baby. You would laugh if you saw the ridiculous amount of bottles (22!) and pacifiers I’ve bought, trying to see which Blair would like best. Yes, my daughter eats from bottles. I wasn’t able to breastfeed, which broke my heart, but I’ve moved on. My girl is healthy and thriving!

Being a mom is wild. I never realized just how much time it can take to get out the door sometimes, with a baby. Or, how much thought needs to go into packing for travel! None of that is really wild, is it? It’s just so much more all-consuming than I realized it would be. So much goes into every detail. I love being a mom. :)