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Well, Hello There.

10 Jun


It’s been a long time, and A LOT has changed! For one, I almost never wear makeup. More importantly though, I am a mommy now! My baby girl, Blair Valentina, was born February 15, 2013 at 2:52PM, measuring in at 20 inches and 7lbs 11oz. She is the best thing to ever happen to me, and is the center of my world now. I know this was a makeup blog, but obviously I haven’t been interested in blogging about makeup, so this has sat dormant. I’d like to change that, and would like an outlet for some of my mommy thoughts. and learned wisdom. Just like with makeup and beauty products, I love testing out products for my baby. You would laugh if you saw the ridiculous amount of bottles (22!) and pacifiers I’ve bought, trying to see which Blair would like best. Yes, my daughter eats from bottles. I wasn’t able to breastfeed, which broke my heart, but I’ve moved on. My girl is healthy and thriving!

Being a mom is wild. I never realized just how much time it can take to get out the door sometimes, with a baby. Or, how much thought needs to go into packing for travel! None of that is really wild, is it? It’s just so much more all-consuming than I realized it would be. So much goes into every detail. I love being a mom. :)


Day 7: 30 Day Challenge

10 Aug

Day 7: Favorite movies

These are the movies I can watch over, and over, and over and over, and overrrĀ  again. Growing up, I didn’t have cable in my bedroom, so I watched a ton of movies. A lot of times, I’d watch the same movie on a loop for weeks. That sounds like I’m crazy, but I wouldn’t actually sit there and watch. I’d have it on as background noise while I cleaned my room or worked on art projects, or homework. I’ve also spent a lot of my “adult life” without cable, because really, who needs it when you have the internet? So, here is a list of my favorite movies of all time.


Empire Records

That Thing You Do!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Stick It!

It Takes Two

I could probably round out a top 10, but I will stick with six. If I were going to add on to that though, Spice World would absolutely be on there! :)


Day 2: 30 Day Challenge

5 Aug

Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name

The meaning behind my username is really dumb, actually. Jennac0re was one of the many many screen names I had on AOL over the years. It dates back around 10+ years now! I was very involved with a few music and style message boards on AOL when I was younger, and it was a silly joke between a few of the regular members there. It was basically just a play on the word “hardcore” and isn’t meant to be taken seriously at all. It has sort of become a default username for me over the years, when I don’t feel like thinking up something new. I created my YouTube account many years ago, and had only joined to be able to comment, subscribe and save favorite videos. I most likely would have picked something different had I known I’d start making videos years later, but I’m stuck with it. That’s the not very interesting story behind my blog name.

Tomorrow should be a bit more interesting!

Day 1: 30 Day Challenge

5 Aug

Ahh! I can’t believe I almost screwed up this challenge before even starting it! it’s 11:46PM EST, so technically I got this. :)

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

My name is Jennifer, but the majority of the people in my life call me Jenna. I’m 26, married, and currently living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. You’ll learn enough about me in the facts, and in the next 29 days, so let’s move on and get this posted by midnight!

1. I have 3 cats. They all look the same, which makes sense when you find out that they are brothers/from the same litter!

2. I’ve always been really into art. I have a degree in graphic design, but decided I despised doing art as a job a few years into it. I’d love to go back to my college and teach someday though!

3. The only reason I ever got into makeup was because I moved to Texas and didn’t know anyone. Joining the makeup community on lj and then youtube, was my way of connecting with people when I felt alone. It made me a lot of really good, hopefully lifelong friends too. Thanks makeup!

4. I am irrationally afraid of making phone calls. Even though I know it won’t be so bad, and I’ll be so proud when I get it over with, I really have to work up the courage.

5. This is the longest my hair has been since I was 10 years old. I started chopping my hair off when I was 11, and kept it VERY VERY short all through high school and college.

6. I have always made up really ridiculous songs about whatever I’m doing around the house, or about my cats or whoever else is around. I only wish I could remember them later, I come up with some gems.

7. I still write snail mail letters to my favorite cousin. We’ve done this pretty much since we were able to write full sentences. Nothing makes me happier than opening my mailbox to see an unexpected letter from my cousin. No one is able to make me laugh as hard, and as much, as she can. We’re both ridiculous, that’s probably why.

8. I hate planes. I’m terrified of them, no matter how many people tell me how much safer they are than any other form of travel. Being up in the sky, and not in control, is scary!

9. I’m obsessed with the scent of lavender. lavender everything, please!

10. I still color in coloring books. I have a huge collection of crayola crayons, and tons of coloring books.

11. I played the flute in school. I still play it sometimes, but I typically only play Christmas songs. They feel so comforting. :)

12. I always tell people I don’t like Halloween, because I”m secretly creeped out by people in costumes. Especially masks. *shudders* Even little kids!

13. I think palm trees are the most beautiful tree on the planet. They were my favorite part about South Texas.

14. I’ve painted my last 3 bedrooms (that I was able to paint) the exact same shade of lilac. It instantly makes that one room feel like ‘home.’

15. My ultimate goal is to write a cookbook someday.

TWLOHA funraiser + giveaway

4 Aug

If you follow me on youtube or twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen this already. Today is the last day to donate and/or to comment on the video, to be entered into the giveaway! Anyone who donates, comments on the video or emails me will be entered.

Here is a direct link to donate, if you are able to:


3 Nov

obviously, i didn’t REALLY dress up for halloween. i just wanted to do some fun makeup, that i wouldn’t wear on a daily basis. i went to my hometown for the weekend, to go trick-or-treating with her and her son (my nephew.) she had those fun lashes, so we cut them in half and shared them. matchy-matchy makeup, but not identical!

products used:

MAC sea mea shadestick (on falyn)
MAC teal pigment (on falyn)
Milani shock eyeshadow (on me)
MAC carbon eyeshadow
MAC bright fuchsia pigment
MAC vanilla pigment
Benefit bad gal lash mascara
lashes from walmart (had the worst glue in the world!)
MAC blonde msf (on my cheeks)
6 Jul

sorry for the lack of posts the past few days! i have a good reason though and plan to go into depth in a vlog soon. to make a long story short, my computer got a nasty virus! yeah, a virus, ugh! my fiance happens to be a computer genius and couldn’t fix it, at one point he thought it had completely fried my harddrive. :( thankfully, it didn’t, but he had to reinstall the operating system which wiped my harddrive clean. i lost a few months worth of pictures and years worth of other files. it was a pretty emotional day. i know it’s just a computer and just stuff, but it still sucked.

that’s why i haven’t been around! i’m trying to get used to windows 7 (i had xp before) and am still working on getting all of my programs back, etc. there’s a new tutorial up on youtube, which i’ll throw on here tomorrow with pictures once i get photoshop running again.

i hope everyone is doing well! :)