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Zoya Summer Collection Haul

28 Mar

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was psyched about another Zoya promo! Zoya is very generous with their promos, and do them pretty often, so if you missed this one, look out for another one within the next few months. This particular promo was BOGO on any of their 3 summer collections, and I decided to pick up just a few of them.

Upon opening...

Packing peanuts meh!! While I appreciate that everything was packed securely, I loathe packing peanuts. I think these might be the biodegradable ones, so I can’t complain about them murdering the beautiful planet, but they are still a very real choking hazard for my kitties.

Package contents

I love that they always include these little swatch… thingies. I have no idea what to call them! It also includes a little booklet with some info, collection swatches and swatches of the rest of the line. Very fun and the pictures are pretty color accurate, unlike the ones on the MAC website!

No flash, in artificial light

What I got, from left to right:

No flash, artificial light

No flash, natural light

faye, reva, kimmy, sooki

I didn’t do swatches, partially because my nails/cuticles are currently busted, but mainly because I knew I couldn’t do them justice. I’m not only rusty at actually posting stuff on the internet, but I’m even more rusty at taking pictures! If you want GREAT swatches, and really accurate descriptions, please check them out at my absolute favorite nail blog, Scrangie! Here is a link to the sunshine (shimmery ones) swatches — sunshine! — and here is one to the summertime (creme) swatches — summertime!

I literally just opened this package, and haven’t had a chance to try anything, so I can’t really review it. However, I will put up a review for the remove+ once I try it out!

Did any of you order from the Zoya BOGO promo? What did you get? What did you love? :)