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Zoya Remove Plus Review

29 Mar

remove+ next to faye for size comparison

I’m not going to front, I saw Tiffany D talk about this polish remover in one of her videos and had to have it. I am ashamed to say that I spent $10 on a plastic bottle with a really, really cool top. I am pleasantly surprised that I really like the remover and think it was worth the $10!

What supposedly makes this remover special is that it’s a 3-in-1 polish remover – nail cleaner – nail prep. It also claims to have an extended polish wear guarantee. I’m not sure there’s any product on the market, aside from acrylics maybe, that could help anything stay on my nails for more than a few days without chipping. My hands get a lot of abuse, so they are usually chipped within hours.

Now that we’ve gone over what Zoya claims are this removers best attributes, let’s go over what I think they are. I mentioned the bottle before, so we’ll start there. This bottle is SO NEAT! The cap is a pump. You simply press you cotton ball down on the pump, and coats it with the perfect amount of remover. GENIUS! With this bottle, you won’t have to pick the bottle up or fumble with the cap. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, the cap also twists to lock it into place, so that you can’t push the pump down.  Are you starting to see why I’m so pumped over a silly bottle? I’m thinking this would be an excellent gift for my bff who has small children. It prevents toddlers from spilling it, cats from rudely knocking it over, dog tails from whipping it off of the coffee table, and your elbows from tipping it over on your laptop.

The other thing I noticed about the actual remover is that it smells really good! I absolutely abhor the smell of nail polish remover, and how it lingers on your fingers even after washing your hands. While it doesn’t smell great when it’s wet, it dries to have a nice, subtle, fresh scent. It also leaves your nails very shiny and smooth, so I’m guessing that’s the effect of the “nail cleaner” and “nail prep” properties. It also took the nail polish off very quickly, but I’ve never really tried one that didn’t perform.

Edit: OMG I can’t believe I forgot one of the most important things! You can refill the bottle! Zoya sells massive bottles that you can use to refill it, or you can pick up any remover you would like to use. Cool, right?

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Zoya, and purchased this product myself. If you would like to check this product out for yourself, you can find it at the Zoya website. It’s the $9.99 – 8oz in Big Flipper, just fyi.